Human resource (HR) analytics refers to a field of analytics where analytic processes are applied to human resource department of an enterprise in the aim to improvise employee performance and gain better return on investment. It just does not involve gathering of employee efficiency data, but also plans to provide intuition on the gathered data and make relevant decisions to improve certain key processes. HR attrition refers to the gradual loss of its employees over time. Hence enterprises consider attrition as one of the important problem. HR professionals are held responsible for high attrition rates and so they often…


Vehicle loans are one such type where the banks offer money to their customers to purchase a car and the customer agrees to pay back the full loan amount along with some interest, which is a source of profit to the bank. So, it is important to build a model to predict the credit risk of vehicle loan, based on its dependable factors. In today’s world of economic expansion, credit risk is the biggest risk banks face. Vehicle loans are loans offered by the banks to their customers to purchase a vehicle where the customer agrees to terms and…


Due to the rise in the price of new cars and incapability of customers to buy new cars because of fund deficiency, used car sales are on a global rise. Hence there exists a demand for a prediction system that would help us determine the true value of a car effectively using an array of different features. Manufacturers sell new cars with prices fixed by them along with taxes as per the government rules. So, a customer finds it worthy to buy a new car since he is also provided with assurance. But it is always not possible for…

Bharath Chandran

Data Mining enthusiast

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